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With 20 years of working in Tech, living all over the US and abroad, I've worked in a variety of roles, and befriended people from every background. What I've discovered brings me the most joy is to help others fulfill their potential

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My Story

I grew up in the US Midwest, working from a young age in the family plumbing, heating, and air conditioning business. This is when I gained respect for and experience with physical labor, the trades, and with running a business. I was involved with every aspect of the business, and I was exposed to and fascinated by people from all walks of life. 


My desire to be a bridge and enabler for others only grew with time. In university, I completed a BS in Computer Science and a BA in International Studies. My interest in the "deterministic" puzzle of technology was only surpassed by my interest in understanding the infinite puzzle of understanding the human mind, and that included people from every corner of the planet. This fueled my interest in travel and language. 

During college I studied abroad in Harlaxton, England and in Guadalajara, Mexico. If I was interested in human nature before, my interest skyrocketed after these experiences. Upon graduation, I began work in the Tech industry, specifically in the Defense sector. My focus for this part of my career was on building and supporting software for satellite base stations, and I lived in such wonderful US cities as Boston, Denver, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC. On the side, I worked as a ski instructor in Vermont and later Colorado. 

Following my desire to explore and satisfy my curiosity, I decided to make a radical change and moved to Brazil. What was to be a temporary decision turned out to be an 8-year journey. To prepare, I earned my CELTA, which is, short of a Masters, the most respected certificate for teaching English to adults. During my time in Brazil, I taught English, became fluent in Portuguese, and even had a brief career in Portuguese-to-English translation. After a while, I returned to Tech, and I worked in software development roles, leading later to Project Management, for loan financial management software.

I was then introduced to Agile Software Development, and I spent the next several years diving into that. First, I worked for a global, boutique software consultancy in Brazil, then later transferred back to the US, all the while gaining experience in the retail and travel sectors. Later, I moved to a traditional, in-house tech team for a large bank in NYC. I gained an alphabet soup of certifications for various Agile and Tech-related, and with those experiences, I started realizing the power of coaching. 

With time, I realized that there was this entire new profession called Coaching. As its benefits were becoming clearer through research and practice, it was rapidly gaining ​momentum. In 2021, I  completed a graduate-level certificate in Coaching at one of the first universities in the US to offer a coaching program. Throughout the program, I experienced first-hand the power of coaching, and I then committed myself to helping others. 

Since then, I have moved back to the US West (Colorado), where I spend time with family, reconnecting with the outdoors, and building my repertoire of coaching skills. 


If any of this story resonated with you, I welcome the opportunity to have a conversation and simply connect about life and the unexpected directions it can go. 

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